Monthly Archives: October 2016

Hello Again, Are You There?

 Hello to everyone who may have been looking for my blog. As you can see, Polly’s Tea Kettle is a blank slate now. It has been about a year since I stopped my weekly blogging. I have missed “talking” with you all, and I have missed the discipline that weekly blogging brought to my life and my writing.

Polly’s Tea Kettle did not disappear, however. It has become a book! Look here for the announcement of the launch of “The Woman in the Mirror and Other Reflections on Living,” which will be coming out soon. It is a collection of 82 personal essays, the best of Polly’s Tea Kettle.

Silly me, I thought I had to give up blogging. Here I have a perfect vehicle to publicize my book and I don’t have to throw away all those business cards!

You will be hearing more from me in the coming weeks. You may even see a few new  reflections on “what’s been brewing in my life.” Hello again.